Activation key

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Activation key

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The activation key is a 32 characters key used to identify your license purchase. Keep it safely somewhere because you will need it when activating and synchronizing your license.

How to get an activation key ?

Please visit to buy a license or an extension for the update support period. Then you will get the activation key from us by email.

You will get as many activation keys as licenses you purchased.

When do I need my activation key ?

License activation: to enjoy full capabilities of PVsyst you have to activate it, this requires the activation key.

License synchronization: when you purchase an update support extension or when you have to freely renew your license, the license needs to be synchronized. This also requires the activation key but if the activation procedure was already done the activation key was stored in PVsyst, so you do not need to remember it.

License transfer: if you have to switch your license to another computer, you will first deactivate it on the old computer and then activate it on the new one(this is a regular license activation, it therefore needs the activation key).